Industrial Lighting

In the industrial sector, industrial lighting has a fundamental role in a modern lighting solution that incorporates the latest innovations helps reduce operating costs. Human Centric Lighting can both improve visibility and promote focus. Integrating lighting with intelligent control networks can improve operational safety while preserving the environment.

Many industrial companies are looking for a single point of contact to quickly, safely and as simply as possible exploit the potential of a modern lighting installation. Forerunner in the development of efficient lighting systems.

Industrial lighting Solutions

CREST LED offers optimal industrial lighting solutions, ideal for both new construction and renovation. CREST LED supports you in all phases of your project: study, delivery, installation … Whether it is the lighting of production halls, storage sites, traffic, stairwells or posts the CREST LED luminaires to adapt to all industrial applications and are both energy-efficient and durable.

Industrial Lighting

LED Tube Light

Our LED tubes are Much thinner than fluorescent fixtures. Uniform illumination, the emission area of the lighting area can reach over 90%. Can be flush mounted, surface mounted. Using the light that emits on both sides and guides the luminous plate, making the light efficient.

led integrated tube light
led high bay light

LED High Bay Light

our high bay lights Use high brightness as a light source, with a unique lighting design; select for an excellent imported semiconductor chip, it does not have a high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure colors, and heavy shade and so on.        The unique design of the radiator that can be perfectly combined with the lamp box spreads efficiently by conducting heat, so as to reduce the temperature of the internal lamp, ensuring a long life of the LEDs. The surface of the radiator is treated by antiseptic and anodic oxidation; with compact structure and aesthetic appearance.

High bay lights can be used in workshop, factory, warehouse, tollgates, service stations, supermarkets, Exhibition centers, stadiums, and other required lighting locations.