About Us

Crest LED Lighting Manufacturing believes in spending to save. Promoting the slogan “Go Green Go Smart”, we take the challenge to overcome energy shortfalls and provide budget-friendly lighting solutions.

We are a lighting innovator and believe in lighting the way to a brighter future across Pakistan at an international standard.


Improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. That’s our mission!

At Crest, we endeavor to create practical, sustainable and beautiful lighting solutions tailored to locations and demands of our customers. We believe in taking care of our environment and providing green energy solutions to our customers. Our understanding of how lighting affects our environment enables us to create products that are safer and more productive.

We are proud to be Pakistani LED manufacturing company that is following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal “Clean and Affordable Energy” by combining Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and providing sustainable lighting solutions across Pakistan. By expanding the venture’s initiatives on LED lighting – which provide energy savings of 50 percent to 70 percent compared to other technologies – Crest aims to provide a sustainable solution by reducing the carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions.


Based in Islamabad for over 25 years, Crest Lighting is a lighting innovator. We are a local company with a global outlook. Our staff has strong relationships with partners, infrastructure providers, and companies. At Crest we strive to manufacture closer to the customer; we understand client’s needs in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and budget. With multiple branches across Pakistan, Crest has been successful in establishing a stronghold among major cities of Pakistan; Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Sialkot & Peshawar.

With the distribution and backup network all over Pakistan. Crest takes pride in being the only Pakistani company which is assembling and manufacturing LED lights locally at an international standard.

We are a leading LED company that is providing intelligent lighting systems. Crest is transforming smart homes, business, buildings, and cities.