Next Generation LED Lights in Pakistan.

CREST LED Lights manufactures creative and innovative led products in Pakistan, for both indoor and outdoor lighting to power remarkable experiences. our products will not only reduce your electricity bill but will also reduce the replacement cost because they are durable.

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Office and Commercial Lighting

We provide an ideal led lights solution for an office building with its array of applications, ranging from stairways to prestigious executive offices.

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Industrial and Commercial Lighting

Find Crest industrial lighting fixtures to get the right fit for any space.

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Street and Parking Lights

A wide variety of LED light Parking and street lights.

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Special Price Available for LED Bulb and Downlight Bulk Order

LED lights

What makes us the best for LED Lighting products?



LED Lighting products reduce your lighting cost by up to 80% so it will significantly reduce your electricity bill. our products do not only reduce your electricity bill but also durable and have a long life and are good for decorating event places.



Our customers enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty policy. In any event of product failure whilst under warranty. we replace and no questions asked because we care about our customers.



Our LED products last 40 times longer than an average incandescent bulb, reducing the replacement cost. our products are not only fit for indoor places but also for outdoor they are cost-effective and energy saving so they are best for deco lighting.



Crest LED Lights product helps to create a healthier environment at your home or office because of its better color, output, and uniformity. Crest LED help to control carbon footprints and are 100% recyclable.

Our Lighting Solutions

Street Lights

We manufacture street lights for trusted partner of most technically demanding projects.

Highbay Lights

Our collection of high bay lighting is energy-efficient for commercial facilities.

Down Lights

Crest LED Downlights are designed and built using leading and the best components.

Stadium Lights

We manufacture high power Led Stadium Lights with advanced optical lenses.

We Manufacture Next Generation LED Lights in Pakistan.

CREST LED Lighting manufactures creative and innovative led lights in Pakistan, for both indoor and outdoor lighting to power remarkable experiences.

Led manufacturing

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