Street Light

CREST LED has developed a radio solution for Led street light to reduce the consumption of 75%. CREST LED has integrated with a luminaire, an intelligent electronic system controlling the radio, the presence detection, the variation of the intensity of the light. The radio solution by CREST LED makes it possible to communicate remotely with the luminaires, in accordance with the environment. Thus it brings a gain on the maintenance of the luminaires, thanks to the statements of information transmitted by them.
By this solution, the luminaires become independent and communicate with each other.
To improve the services of the city, CREST LED has innovated in the field of radio to bring additional applications to its system. So you can make surveys of water, gas, electricity at a distance but also control the management of waste, information panels, parking.

street light

Street Led Lights

If you have been searching for LED street lights, you can now stop your search, as CREST LED brings you a large collection of street LED lights. Get energy efficient lighting solutions at affordable prices and illuminate each corner of the street. You can shop online for all major brands online at stores such as Syska streetlights, Warm Lights, and forus LED street lights, etc. you can get it all with budget prices online. These LED bulbs have many advantages and can save more energy.