Stadium lights

The LED lighting and corresponding maneuvers enable unparalleled precision control of stadium lighting and create dynamic effects that give the stadium a theatrical atmosphere before, during and after the match. This applies not only to the lighting of the grounds but also to that of the terraces, the restoration areas, entrances, and facades.

CREST LED stadium lights Solutions circular symmetrical light fixtures can easily transmit light up to 120 meters on the playing field. Light designers must count towards glare factor regulation in stadium led light. The reflections inside the luminaires direct the light downward, thus avoiding light pollution and unwanted light leaks. CREST LED stadium lights Solutions stage lighting equipment meets the requirements of EN 12193 for intensity, homogeneity, color rendition and glare control. As for the optimal quality of the HDTV image, CREST LED sport Flood light Lighting Solutions is providing high levels of light intensity distribution systems and optimum homogeneity. HQI projector systems with electronic ballast (EGC) operation are the most powerful and selective in terms of energy efficiency for large-area and flicker-free lighting, as well as big slow-motion TVs.

long range lighting

Projection Light

we provide a wide variety of projection light both for an indoor and outdoor lighting solution. our led projection light solutions offer lighting products both for decoration i.e for different events and for lighting purposes. visit our projection light product page and find many projection lights and select according to your requirements.