CR-LDS30W-STL 30 Watt

Buraq Street Light Series

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  1. Energy Saving Technology.
  2. Our latest LED street light lighting solutions include complete “mast head”street lamp units, designed to fit most existing type lamp posts.
    High power light source.
  3. Patented design for heat dissipation to ensure life of light source >50000 hours.
  4. LED Street Lights have a Fin Shall (6030 Aluminum) / Extruded Aluminium / Die Cast Aluminium material and stainless steel fittings to ensure that crest lighting range deliver industry leading performance and the highest quality.
  5. Low power consumption with high light efficiency, power consumption two third as compared to high pressure sodium lamp, mercury lamp at the same luminous condition, it saves energy more than 50-85% as compared to traditional light.
  6. Extruded Aluminum / Fin shell (6063) Aluminum.
  7. Advanced quadratic light distribution design result in high uniformity of illumination and good lighting quality.
  8. Highly reliable constant current driver guarantees long life span of the lamp beads.
  9. Eco-Friendly, mercury free, lead free.
  10. Dimmable model optional.
  11. Available In: 80/ 210 Watt.
  12. IP Rating: IP65, IP66.
  13. 3+2 years warranty.
  14. OEM service available

Technical Specification



Widely used in city streets, parks, parking lots, highways Etc.


  1.  Operating temperature range between -40°C ~ +50°
  2. Use in dry indoor locations.
  3.  Don’t use it with dimmers.

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