Led Spike Light

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1. Energy Saving Technology.
2. Low heat emission.
3. CrestLED lights offer up to 85% savings in electricity costs
compared to energy saver / Halogen lamp and are designed to last
for longer period.
4. Patented design for heat dissipation to ensure life of light
source >30,000 hours.
5. Highly reliable constant current driver guarantees long life span
of the lamp beads.
6. CrestLED Outdoor lights are multipurpose, that can be
used for many applications.
7. Eco-friendly, mercury free, lead free.
8. 12/24VDC Model available, specially for Solar use.
9. Dimmable model (optional).
10 We offer 3 Years warranty.
(1 Year Parts repalcement warranty and 2 Years services warranty).
11. OEM service available.

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