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  1. Energy Saving Technology.
  2. Low heat emission (low temperature) reduces the cost of air conditioning.
  3. Highly reliable constant current driver guarantees long life span of the lamp beads.
  4. Crest LED lights offer up to 85% saving in electricity cost compared to energy saver / halogen lamp and are designed to last for longer period.
  5. Available wide selection of PAR20, PAR30 AND PAR38 LED Par Lamp.
  6. Crest LED PAR lamps are multipurpose, that can be used for many applications.
  7. Eco-friendly, mercury free, lead free.
  8. Dimmable model optional.
  9. 2 year warranty.
  10.  OEM service available.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters


Garage Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Hall Lighting, Display Lighting, Accent Lighting , Task Lighting, Office Lighting, Ceiling Lighting Etc.


  1. Operating temperature range between -20°C ~ +40°C
  2. Use in dry indoor locations.
  3. Don’t use it with dimmers or in luminaries controlled by a dimmer.
  4.  Not for use in totally enclosed recessed fixtures.

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