Elite Street Light Series

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  1. Street Light has Aluminium modularity fin-group thermal dissipating technology that perfectly solves the thermal problem with the minimum weight and significantly expands the life span of the lighting source.

  2. Panel casting light makes the light on the road surface more evenly with small glare and a large lighting area.
  3. Aluminum dissipating module: small in size, lightweight, and high intensity can effectively reduce lamp posts pressure, lower the wind resistance, safe and reliable.
  4. The aluminum heatsink base is contacted with an LED lighting source;  the innovatively designed modularity fin group optimizes the air channel, effectively enlarging the dissipating areas.
  5. Dimmable model (optional).
  6.  We offer 10 years warranty. ( 6 Year parts replacement 4 years service warranty)
  7.  OEM Facility is available.



Technical Specification



Widely used in city streets, parks, parking lots, highways Etc.


  1.  Operating temperature range between -40°C ~ +50°
  2. Use in dry indoor locations.
  3.  Don’t use it with dimmers.

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