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1. Energy Saving Technology.
2. Batten Tube light saves energy, help the environment.
3. Batten Tube light are the latest generation solution to replace conventional fluorescent tubes.
4. High performance, high brightness, high efficiency.
5. Crest LED Batten Tube light have unique structure for excellent heat dissipation. With Aluminium alloy.
6. Low heat emission (low temperature) reduces the cost of air conditioning.
7. Crest LED light offer up to 85% saving in electricity cost
compared to energy saver / halogen lamp / fluorescent lamps and are
designed to last for longer period.
8. Crest LED Batten Tube light have special (optional) design
with external driver for high temperature areas to improve Thermal Efficiency
of product and Increase its life expectancy.
9. Eco-Friendly, mercury free, lead free.
10.12/24VDC Model available, specially for Solar use.
11.Dimmable model (optional).
12.We offers 5 years warranty.
13.OEM service available.

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CR-DR-36W-TBL 6500K

LED Driver Data Sheet


LED Chip Data Sheet

DS265 SMD 2835 0.5W 6V 12M-6C


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