CR-6025-BL 3 WATT

Crest LED Light bulbs

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  1. Energy Saving Technology.
  2. Crest LED light offer up to 85% saving in electricity cost compared to energy saver / halogen lamp and are designed to last for longer period.
  3.  Low heat emission (low temperature) reduces the cost of air conditioning.
  4.  Eco-Friendly, Mercury-Free, Lead-Free.
  5.  Crest LED light Bulbs are compact, high efficiency and alternatives to conventional incandescent and CFL light lamp, led bulb can replace standard incandescent / CFL light lamp & has excellent lighting performance.
  6.  No UV and IR radiation.
  7.  Dimmable model optional.
  8.  2 Year warranty.
  9. OEM service available.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters


Desk Lamps, Ceiling Lighting, Wall Lighting Etc.


  1. Operating temperature range between -20°C ~ +40°C
  2. Use in dry indoor locations.
  3. Don’t use it with dimmers or in luminaries controlled by a dimmer.
  4. Not for use in totally enclosed recessed fixtures.

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