Lighting is an essential dimension of our living space. Although it is often neglected in favor of furniture and decoration, it nevertheless plays a key role in creating a serene atmosphere in all areas of a house or apartment. There are many benefits of LED lights which include Energy efficiency, Lifespan, good looking, Secure, insensitive to shocks and falls, can be recycled normally and how to install it precisely it requires experience consultant which will make your design simple and cost-effective according to customer demands.

CREST LED Home Lighting Solutions

CREST LED is a modern manufacturer of contemporary architectural luminaries for outdoor and indoor use. It has become one of the best leaders in its market. The slogan “Go Green Go Smart” evokes precisely the mission of CREST LED: to propose optimal solutions to illuminate all types of architectures, by guaranteeing an effective visual comfort and by creating an atmosphere. CREST LED produces luminaries for both architectural lighting and green spaces, home, industry, and the urban environment. For more than 20 years, research and investments in new LED technology have created a range of intelligent, recyclable and exceptionally high-performance luminaries. Made up of a team of designers, engineers, and lighting designers, CREST LED collaborates with a panel of architects, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers, public and private contractors who are looking for the excellence of products in terms of innovation, quality of materials and compliance with standards.


LED Lighting Bulb

Crest LED lighting Bulb is more than 25 years of experience in the supply of bulbs for individuals and businesses. Since the opening of its website in the late 2000s, World Bulb works daily to offer you the best value for money by relying on high-performance logistics and high-quality customer service. A pioneer in the sale of light bulbs on the internet, crest led is simply the reference to buying light bulbs on the internet with ease and at a reduced price.

Take advantage now of bargains and the largest choice of bulbs in Pakistan and international market in all categories

led light bulb
led down light

LED Down Light

CREST LED is one of the leading company in Pakistan in manufacturing and supplying led down lights & other products and as a professional company, we have our own productive factory, which is able to produce the best and newest led bulbs & led tube products, welcome to buy products from us.

LED down Bulbs are used in indoor lighting, see the window, mall, hotel, restaurant, drinkery, hospital, office building, hallways, etc.

LED Ceiling Light

CREST LED lighting suspensions offer outstanding light output and visual comfort while displaying exceptional energy performance. They ensure a uniform direct distribution of light without shadows, ideal for lighting architectural spaces such as the worktop.

Our product range is available in recessed luminaires, suspensions, and ceiling lights. It provides a comprehensive and versatile response to all tertiary projects. It combines optics and electronics to offer visual comfort and an energy balance whose performance surpasses all standards and recommendations in force today.

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led surface mount light

LED Surface Mount Light

In fact, the quiet quality of LED lights in comparison to fluorescent bulbs is not the only area in which they flap their hands down. When you switch to LED, you will also notice a huge reduction in your electricity bill in the first twelve months. This is because LED panel lighting is so much more financially profitable than its more traditional counterparts.

CREST led surface mount light has the following Characteristics.

  • Elegant gorgeous narrow edge designs, beautiful aspects.
  • High luminous efficiency more than 100lm / w.
  • Super bright light output reaches 1650lm.
  • Light angel wide 120 degrees, also light up and no brown spots.
  • AC85-265 work voltage can be installed in any country in the world.
  • Saves energy, saving 50% than traditional lights at the same brightness.
  • Professional circuit design, each LED can work separately, avoiding the influence caused by a broken Simple LED.
  • Easy installation. Can be easily adapted instead of the ordinary recessed luminaire.

LED Strip Light

Discover our wide range of LED strip lights: waterproof, submersible, white, and colored or RGB (multicolored). Choose your ribbon according to its sealing level (IP20, IP65 or IP68), the type of LED (3528, 5050, etc.) and the LED density (30W / m, 60W / m, etc.), according to your needs. All our LED ribbons have a 3M adhesive / adhesive face for quick and easy installation of each strip on your surface or profile.

led strip lights
led slim panel light

LED Slim Panel Light

LED slim panel light adopts PS diffuser plate ensure full luminous lamp uniformity, high light transmittance, soft light, not dazzling. The use of the Epistar SMD 2835 chip provides high brightness and 50,000 hours of life, and lateral luminance technology. LED panel light is widely used for factories, hospital lighting, warehouse, supermarket lighting, schools, offices, residential area lighting, hotels, conference, meeting rooms lighting, etc.