Hotel Lighting

Hotel Lighting is a fundamental part of a hotel’s identity. As well as design or decoration, good lighting is an essential point of creating ambiance. It stimulates sensations, creates unique spaces, it brings exceptional and different experiences.

Thanks to CREST LED restaurant lighting solutions, the LED sources within a hotel are major assets to establish a climate of trust with the customers.

The hotel industry is undoubtedly one of the sectors of activity in which the lamps remain lit the longest and this continuously. About 12% of a hotel’s energy consumption is due to lighting. Faced with this problem, the CREST LED offer interesting possibilities. Economical, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, they optimize the quality and durability of your lighting, reducing your operating costs.

Hotel lighting

LED Track Light

We offer a wide range of track lighting with integrated LED technology for different uses. Thanks to modern design and spotlights energy-efficiency LEDs, these fixtures can highlight points and specific elements of an environment with high-performance lighting, such as art objects, elements architecture or furniture items. At the same time, we guarantee substantial savings and a significant reduction in maintenance costs because our products have a longer life span and installation flexibility.

LED Down Light

The LED bulb has a lifespan of over 15,000 hours and saves up to 85% energy compared to CFLs. Replace the lighting in your home or your workplace by dropping intelligent energy saving LED downlights of CREST LED and enjoy a lighting experience smoothly. We provide varieties of LED lighting products in Pakistan and in the international market.

LED Ceiling Light

The LED downlights are a type of product that adapts perfectly to any interior space, giving an elegant touch to the environment in which they are installed. This is an LED device easy to install that requires no opening on the surface because its scope contains the LED driver.

In CREST LED, you will find a wide variety of LED downlights. They are an ideal product for professional use on large surfaces and for private homes. We have several fixtures with different features to meet the needs of each user. Explore our shop for lighting fixtures and get the best quality at spectacular prices!

LED Surface Mount Light

The surface mount LED lamps to meet numerous interior ceiling applications for commercial and residential spaces. Ceiling mounts are surface mounted recessed lighting low profile designed for kitchens, hallways, fireplaces, living rooms, bedrooms, stairs, shops, and offices. The interior LED downlights CREST to have different designs and styles to complement the room. The surface mounted units are easy to install and offer flexible installation options on a junction box, a mounting box or suspension.

LED Slim Panel Light

With a huge demand for lighting accessories, we provide our customers with an extraordinary range of LED panels. Our skilled professionals design and produce this light using high quality base materials and modern methodology. The proposed light is installed to illuminate various exhibition halls, corridors, hotels and restaurants.

LED Strip Light

Discover our wide range of LED light strips: tight, submersible, white and colored or RGB (multicolored). Choose your ribbon according to its level of sealing (IP20, IP65 or IP68), the type of LED (3528, 5050, etc.) and the LED density (30W / m 60W / m, etc.) according to your needs. Our LED strips have adhesive backing / adhesive 3M for quick and easy installation of each band on your area or your profile.