Decorative lights

Decorative lights have a great influence on our health, both physical and mental. The lighting of a blind room is essential. Deco Lighting is essential to preserve our good mood, our concentration and to boost our activity.

The CREST LED meets these three criteria, including an incomparable aesthetic embellishment, and a setting where the atmosphere is highlighted.

Our designs and delivers LED panels that simulate daylight and create an exceptional effect.

Led decorative lights benefits

  • Our lighting concept is innovative and meets the most demanding standards.
  • The CREST LED forms a luminous ceiling and combines aesthetics and high performance.
  •  Diffusion of light similar to that of daylight.
  •  Low consumption and long life LED lighting solution.
  •  Extra slim cabinet, allowing its many applications as a ceiling light or virtual window.
led decorative lights
crest led down light

LED Down Light

LED down light has a life of more than 50,000 hours and can save up to 85% energy compared to compact fluorescent lamps. Replace the lighting in your home or workplace with CREST LED energy-saving LED smart bulb and enjoy a trouble-free lighting experience. We provide varieties of led lighting products in Pakistan and the international market.

LED Strip Light

CREST LED provides led strip lights with

  • High quality, premium materials, and exquisite craft, for long-term use
  • SMD technology with adhesive tape back, easy for installation.
  • Waterproof feature and respectable length for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use
  • Environmental friendly,
  • Certificated safety, no harmful material or radiation, safe to children 5. 300leds / 5m bring in low light degradation and of high luminous flux, more versatile for use
  • LEDs deliver stable light without strobe issue, no harm to the eyes.
led strip lights
led track lighting

LED Track Light

We provide a wide range of track lights with integrated LED technology, with various uses. Thanks to the modern design of the spotlights and the energy efficiency of the LEDs, these luminaires are able to highlight points and precise elements of an environment with performing lightings, such as art objects, architectural elements or parts of the furniture. At the same time, we guarantee significant economic savings and a significant reduction in maintenance costs because our products have a longer life cycle and installation flexibility.