Office / Commercial Lighting

Offices and work spaces have a mix of ambient luminaries, architectural lights, and task lighting. Crest LED lights can optimize your office and boost your employees’ productivity. Our commercial LED Light solution is offering the finest products to add to the interior feature to office breakout areas, meeting places, reception counters and waiting spaces. Task lighting and architectural lighting’s, such as LED Par Lamp or Leokadle Track Lights, attract and retain the best employees with a state-of-the-art sustainable work space.

Crest commercial Led  Light supports sustainability goals and occupant well-being, while our connected lighting systems provide a firm base for the growing push towards smart working spaces.

LED Track Light

LED track light offer this special lighting you need in any office or shop to make the product more attractive. They have anti-glare elements for the comfort of the eyes, a high chromatic reproduction index that reproduces the colors of objects as accurately as possible and a light beam that will facilitate the task at the time of development light on the elements we want to highlight. With this lighting system, it will be necessary to note the mobility and the multiple functions that it presents. In addition, these track spots are very easy to install, making it an ideal product for businesses. At CREST LED you will find different varieties of LED track light in different wattages.

LED Down Light

LED down light is designed for general lighting of shops and commercial activities. This type of product offers powerful light with up to 70% energy savings. All these products have an elegant finish and an exclusive design. They are products with great performances ideal to be placed at great heights so that they can light up the whole room.

CREST LED online store offers you a wide variety of products to keep your business lighting perfectly.

LED Ceiling Light

The LED Ceiling Lights are a type of product that adapts perfectly to any interior space, giving an elegant touch to the environment in which it is installed. It is an easy-to-install LED device and does not require an opening in the surface for its installation, as it has a frame that houses the driver of its LED inside it.

In CREST LED you will find a wide variety of LED ceiling lights. They are an ideal product both for professional purposes on larger surfaces and for private homes. We have multiple ceiling lights with different characteristics to adapt to the needs of each user. Explore our online lighting shop and get the best quality ceiling lights at spectacular prices!

LED Surface Mount Light

Surface mount LED lamps to fill a variety of interior ceiling applications for commercial and residential spaces. Surface-mount ceiling fasteners are low-profile recessed luminaires that go to kitchens, corridors, fireplaces, living rooms, bedrooms, staircases, commercial and offices. CREST Indoor LED ceiling lights have different designs and styles to complete the room. Surface mount devices are easy to install and offer flexible options for installation on a junction box, recessed box or suspension.

LED Slim Panel Light

This LED panel is the ideal choice if you are looking for a panel with excellent performance and innovative design. Given its versatility, it adapts to any type of environment such as offices, shopping centers, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, museums, etc., as well as in homes and residences.

We offer different varieties of led slim panel lights at reasonable prices and in high warranty.

LED Strip Light

Our led strip light has the following Specifications:

  • High quality, premium materials, and exquisite craft, for long-term use
  • SMD technology with adhesive tape back, easy for installation.
  • Waterproof feature and respectable length for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Certificated safety, no harmful material or radiation, safe to children 5. 300leds / 5m bring in low light degradation and of high luminous flux, more versatile for use
  • LEDs deliver stable light without strobe issue, no harm to the eyes.


  • Ideal for decorating building profiles, landscape lighting, fun themes,
  • Holiday light sculpture, decorative figure, active signs, displays, shop windows
  • And storefronts, bar, night club, street, sidewalk, platform, park, porch, staircase, railing, ceiling, or driveway.