What is accent lighting and what is it used for?

Lighting the house and the rooms to perfection requires the use of different types of lighting, designed specifically to make each space more welcoming and comfortable. Often, however, there is the need to highlight an area of ​​the house or even a specific object, and for this reason, accent lighting is used. What does accent lighting mean and what do you use to create it? Let’s find out which lights are most suitable to use to achieve the desired effect.

Accent lighting: meaning

What does accent lighting mean? Accent lighting is used to specifically illuminate areas where precise activities take place, such as eating, drawing, reading. In most cases, it is used to highlight certain objects.

Accent lighting, in fact, means placing the accent, or attention, on a specific object or area. Usually, the accent light has a light intensity three times higher than the environmental one.

This remarkable difference in intensity serves precisely to highlight specific objects in the house. Which can be works of art, statues, furniture, paintings or other details on which you want to draw attention.

To create accent lighting it is preferable to use adjustable fittings as they allow to focus attention on specific objects or on limited areas.

The most common accent lights include track lighting, wall lights, recessed lights, and spotlights of all kinds.

How to illuminate paintings using accent lighting?

The main goal of accent lighting is aesthetic and therefore the intent is to create a point of interest for the observer. An intense light gives style and interest to space. So we can use accent light to illuminate sofas, armchairs, living rooms, entrances, green spaces or any other place. For which you want to enhance details and features.

In the case of sofas, living rooms and common areas we can choose recessed lights on the ceiling, wall lamps or track lighting, as they can be direct and angular and therefore perfect to put emphasis on what you want.

Illuminate Paintings

Instead, if you want to illuminate paintings, the ideal choice to focus on these elements are the adjustable spotlights. It is clear that a well-lit painting attracts attention and for this reason, it is necessary to use bulbs with an excellent color rendering, such as those with LEDs. In this way, the painting will be flooded with an intense but natural light.

In particular, choosing a lamp to illuminate a painting is not easy, because some essential features must be taken into account. It must guarantee a homogeneous light and must not damage the painting. Therefore avoid light bulbs that generate heat to avoid risks. Check the quality of the light at the time of purchase and choose the most appropriate bulb for the panel.

Alternatively, you can also decide to use track systems and direct light ceiling lamps to be turned towards the panel. The ceiling lamps also function as wall projectors and illuminate the wall uniformly and therefore also the hanging picture.

Calculate the distance between the lamp and the panel so as to prevent the light from reflecting on the glass and that the cone of light reaches the panel with an angle of incidence not exceeding 45 °.

How to light up the bedroom and make it relaxing?

Identifying the best way to light up the bedroom is very important, to be able to enjoy an environment destined to rest according to your needs. In general, this environment does not need strong lighting; on the contrary, indirect light is often the privileged one as it does not disturb the rest and does not tire the eyes. This is why it can be of great help to place various points of light inside the room in order to manage the lighting according to needs. Here are some tips on how to light up the bedroom.

How much light in the bedroom?

Before choosing how to light a bedroom it is important to know how much light is needed to have perfect lighting. Since the bedroom is an intimate room and therefore dedicated to rest and relaxation, it is essential to create a relaxing atmosphere. That is why, in addition to the intensity, the color of the light for the bedroom also has its importance.

Bedroom: warm or cold light?

And then, to better light the bedroom, what to choose between warm or cold light? The ideal light is the warm light, which is harmonious and caressing and infuses that sense of suggestion that cold light cannot give. The ideal is a warm white light whose intensity does not exceed 50 lux. It must be said though that if there is also a study area in the room. Then you can opt for a higher light, around 200 lux, to favor reading and concentration.

How to light up a bedroom?

Generally, the chandelier is the most adopted solution for lighting bedrooms, but it cannot represent the only light source in the entire room. This is why in this general bedroom light there are other lighting bodies such as the bedside lamps. And reading lights for beds to be installed above the bedside tables. Or modern design directional lamps that do not dazzle or bother the partner.

If there is also a walk-in closet in the room, it is important to choose a special led lighting. Perhaps equipped with motion sensors to reduce consumption.

Illuminate bedroom without a chandelier

If you want to light up the bedroom without a chandelier, there are many solutions to choose from. A good idea is to alternate different lighting systems to ensure the right light at all times of the day.

To illuminate a bedroom without a chandelier and create different lighting effects. A much-appreciated mode is constituted by spotlights, inserted in the tracks or recessed in the ceiling of the room. The spotlights must be placed at a distance of about 30-40 cm from each other. And, in addition to being extremely functional, they can be arranged in a decorative way.

The LED strips are also impressive, original and to be placed at will in various parts of the room. Among the particularly appreciated elements there are also ceiling lights, perfect if you have low ceilings, and floor lamps. To be placed at the corner and capable of projecting a suggestive and romantic light in the whole environment.

With these tips on how to light up the bedroom, it will not be difficult to choose the preferred lighting to make the room cozy and relaxing.

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