Things to know about Indoor Floor Lamps

Because of their ease of installation and their decorative aspect and which things to know about Indoor floor lamps, the street lamps are the favorite luminaries of Pakistan! The lamp is ideal to illuminate a specific place in a room or bring the touch of decor and original that will change everything to the atmosphere of the room.

Function and design

1. From what height are we talking about a lamppost?

The lamp is designed on the same principle as the table lamp and differs from it by its height. Indeed, as the name indicates so well, the table lamp is designed to be placed on a piece of furniture, such as a dresser, a buffet or even a night table. The floor lamp, meanwhile, is designed to be placed on the floor. Generally, a table lamp will not exceed 70 cm in height and we speak of lamppost from the moment the luminaire exceeds 70 cm in height.

  1. What are the different forms of street lamps?

The classic lamp post

Composed of a foot and a lampshade, the classic lamp is very easy to use. Just put it on the floor and plug it in to enjoy a pleasant and warm mood lighting. Often composed of a wooden or metal foot and a fabric shade, it will fit in any interior and can be installed anywhere.

The arched floor lamp

Its arched foot allows it to illuminate perfectly from the top a sofa or an armchair. Be careful, however, to take into account the dimensions, specifically the span, because the arched lamp takes more space than a conventional lamp post. The effect once installed is however guaranteed: the arched floor lamp is trendy and its design sublimates your interior!

The indirect light lamp post

This type of light illuminates upwards and is ideal for mood lighting in the living room or bedroom. If you like reading, opt for the version of indirect lighting with a reading lamp, preferably orientable, and install it near your favorite reading corner!

  1. In which rooms can a lamppost be installed?

The lamp can be installed in any room of the house. This practical and space – saving luminaire generally provide the function of secondary lighting or ambiance.

Many of us think that the lamp is reserved for the living room, you have to know things about Indoor floor lamps the entrance or the office, but this is no longer the case today. Indeed, the lamp fits perfectly to other parts of the house, which we do not necessarily think immediately when we buy this type of lighting…

Why in the dining room?

The suspension is the preferred lighting above a dining table but it is also very nice to turn it off and turn on a mood light after a good meal. A floor lamp high enough (over 1.60 m) or arched will be ideal for lighting a dining room table in the evening.

Why in the child’s room?

A lamppost necessarily measures more than 70 cm, so your child can not put his little hands on the bulb and therefore get burned. In addition, the lamp will light optimally places dedicated to games, especially if your child likes to play on the floor!

Why in the garden and on the terrace?

In addition to your lighting terrace, bollard light or spot, and the lamp will brighten your terrace beautifully on hot summer evenings. It will also bring a very chic effect to your outdoors!

  1. Where and why to install lamps and which things to know about Indoor Floor Lamps?

Long reserved for the lighting of the living room, and more precisely the relaxation area and reading near the armchair or the sofa, the floor lamps are nowadays inviting in almost every room of the house!

In the living room, the floor lamp remains the preferred luminaire for mood lighting: near the sofa or in a corner of the room, the floor lamp is often equipped with a reading light and variable intensity. It also serves as a decorative element: Scandinavian style, modern or classic, there is something for everyone!

In the entrance and the hallway, the lamppost can be well lit to get dressed or put on shoes. We advise you to choose a floor lamp with foot switch for your entry to facilitate the lighting of the light at night if you go home loaded arms!

In the office, the floor lamp will provide you with powerful lighting and quality. However, it will be possible to complete the lighting with a desk lamp.

Specificities and advantages

  1. Does streetlight offer flexibility?

There are no two pieces that are exactly the same. This is the reason why street lights are often adjustable in several points, which allows them to adjust to the specific needs of any room.

There are many floor lamps adjustable in height, and whose lamp head and bracket can be adjusted, usually by means of joints. These can be moved at will and their lighting adapted to the activity practiced: reading, drawing, sewing, relaxation or work.

  1. Are street lamps dimmable?

Today, most streetlights are dimmable even when they have built-in LEDs and some things to know about Indoor floor lamps. We all have our own perception of light and intensity.

Once comfortably seated in the sofa with a book between your hands, and your eyes react to bright light, you will appreciate the fact that the lamp has a dimmer. You can adjust the lighting to the needs of the moment by using the dimmer which is usually located directly on the support of the lamppost.

  1. What light bulbs are used in streetlights, and are they replaceable?

LED streetlights are equipped with integrated LED technology that can be replaced even if it is rarely necessary and some things to know about Indoor floor lamps. The exceptional life of LED bulbs allows you to enjoy their light for many years without thinking of replacing them.

Some streetlights simply have sockets, and in this case, you can replace an incandescent bulb with a LED bulb, more economical.

  1. Are there specific streetlights for offices?

Yes, indeed, there are street lamps specially designed to illuminate workspaces and which things to know about Indoor floor lamps. These streetlights must meet a certain number of criteria.

The result: optimal Led lighting which relieves the eyes, a good energy efficiency thanks to intelligent control of the lighting, the comfort of use … In short, lighting able to answer several needs.

Desk lamps can be used to light a work area in a targeted way (the light is diffused down towards the office), but they can also provide the main lighting of the room (with associated indirect lighting, oriented towards the ceiling).

The streetlights equipped with a presence detector has the advantage of light that once someone is installed at the work, and go out when the position was vacant.

The desk lamps are usually very stable. They can be easily installed at the level of a removable partition so that they illuminate the workstations on both sides.

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