The lifespan of LED lighting

We have already discussed the advantages of LED lighting over traditional lighting and one of those points was that the lifespan of LED is many times longer than that of a halogen spotlight or an energy-saving lamp. However, the lifespan of an LED lighting recessed spot can also be influenced by certain factors. As a result, a lamp can last longer or even shorter. Read below what these factors are and how you can benefit from your LED lighting for the longest time.

Heat dissipation

One of the factors that influence the lifetime of the LED lighting is heat dissipation. Despite the fact that LED chips can dissipate the heat they produce very well, it is important that the lamps are given room for this. If the LED chips cannot properly dissipate the heat, this can cause the LED lamps to last less. So always make sure that your spots have a little more installation depth than they are high so that they can properly dissipate their heat.

Wrong drivers

Another problem is that so-called ‘electrical stress’ is created. The LED lamps then receive more power than intended, which means that they become extra hot and can even fail. Often this problem lies with wrong drivers. The driver provides power to the LED spotlight. Example: if this driver receives an input of 700 mA while the LED recessed spot can only process 350 mA, you will get electrical stress and that will shorten the life of both the driver and the spot.

To prevent this problem it is best to always buy all materials at the same (web) store. At, the right drivers are supplied as standard. You can also order these drivers if they fail in a different way over time. That way you know it will always be alright.

No influence on the service life

Contrary to what many people think, turning an LED spot on and off has no influence on the life of the recessed spotlights. With traditional light sources, this does have an effect on the lifespan, but with LED lighting this is slightly different. The LED lighting is a semiconductor and is therefore not affected by switching a lamp or spot on and off.

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