Lighting plan with LED lighting in your home

In the lighting plan when you are busy renovating, you think of the overall picture. You have probably thought about what color the walls should be and where the sofa will be. Only something is missing in the overall picture during your renovation. Most consumers forget to make a lighting plan with LED lighting. If you are carrying out a major renovation, you may want to install a new ceiling in your home. It is important that all connections are in the right places in the ceiling. You no longer have to call in the plasterer again to eliminate damage. Make a lighting plan in advance with LED lighting in the rooms that you are going to renovate in your home. The contractor can take this into account so that it does not have to be finished later.

Make a drawing of the space

It is important to make a drawing of the space. Precisely draw the space where you want to install new LED lighting. Measure the measurements and see exactly where the lighting should come. Do not make the drawing too complex or you will no longer be able to do it yourself. Indicate in the plan where the luminaires should come from the room. You can optionally indicate the beam angle of the LED lamp. You have a little idea of ​​how much light a lamp is going to give. Assume that LED gives more light than a normal lamp.

Subscribe switches for the LED lighting plan

If you are going to renovate a room it is not only smart to indicate the new LED lamps, but also the switches. Where exactly can the lamps come? Do you want to dim the lamps? Then you need special dimmable LED lamps and an LED dimmer. You can all take this into account when creating a lighting plan. The contractor can make the right connections

Calculate the total electric load

You should calculate the total electric load of your home to know that what will be the cost of every month’s electricity bill. And how much load you need for your home and for your all home appliances.

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