LED lights & The latest trends in the field of electricity

Our society is currently in full development. In the technological area, in particular, the necessary changes are being made. This is also the case when we look at the electricity. With recent developments, more and more is becoming possible in this area. The changes in the field of electricity mainly relate to making our lives easier. Curious about what is currently ‘hot’ in the world of electricity? Below we will discuss the latest trends in this area and in the area of LED lights.

Smart thermostat

The smart thermostat is a trend of recent years. More and more people have had such a thermostat installed in their home. With a smart thermostat, the temperature of homes can be controlled. You only need to download an app on your smartphone for this. For example, when you drive away from work, you can switch on the thermostat at home. In this way, it is nice and warm when you return home. With a smart thermostat, you will never come home to a cold home again.

Control LED lights remotely

We already know smart thermostats, but for many people, smart lamps are relatively new. Yet the effect is largely the same. That’s why more and more people are switching to smarter lighting nowadays. By using smartphone you can operate Lamps. So if you still have to drive for a while before you get home, you can already switch on the lights en route. You can even set things up in such a way that the LED lights automatically come on when you enter your home.

Domotics (Robotic technology) & LED lights

Not only the LED lights and thermostat can be dimmed using a smartphone or remote control. No, more and more things can be controlled electronically. We usually refer to this as ‘home automation’. For example, you can electronically lock windows and doors remotely. In addition, there are more and more devices that you can control remotely. The ultimate goal of these trends in electricity is to make life a lot easier. Thanks to home automation, elderly people can also stay at home for a lot longer.

USB sockets

Electric devices are increasingly equipped with a USB plug. This is among other things the case with smartphones. The expectation is that more and more of such (small) devices will be added in the future. That is why USB sockets are increasingly being installed in homes. This way you don’t have to have a plug each time to charge your phone. A cable alone is sufficient in that case. A big advantage: you can often connect two USB plugs to one outlet. When you charge via a plug, you can often only connect one at a time. 

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