Led Lights or LED lighting: The Colors

The great thing about LED lighting is that it can technically produce any color of Led Lights or LED lighting because the basic colors are red, blue and yellow. Any color can be mixed with these colors.

In addition to these standard colors, LEDs also have a whole spectrum of white colors. 

This feature makes LED lights popular for various applications. Whether it is lighting in the home or in a commercial environment, LED Lamps The Colors of Led Lights can be made suitable for anything.

There are three standard colors available on the LED market, namely:

Warm White (most similar to traditional lighting, slightly yellower in color)

Cool White (gives off a sleek white color)

Daylight (imitates daylight, may have blue eyes)

The most commonly used LED colors are Warm White and Cool White.

Warm White vs Cool White

The Warm White is a soft and warm color, ideal for spaces in which there should be a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere such as Living rooms, Dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Cool White, on the other hand, is completely the opposite. Cool White is bright and powerful, ideal for rooms that have a modern look.

Koel Wit is often used in an industrial or commercial setting but is also extremely suitable for providing practical spaces with lightings, such as corridors, stairwells, sheds, and garages.

Which LED Color is The Best

That depends entirely on your needs (and besides: you can’t argue about taste). If you are looking for lighting for a practical space where good light is essential, we recommend Cool White.

If you want a modern or sleek look in your home, we believe that Cool White is the best choice. 

Warm White is perhaps the most popular LED color there is. This is mainly because it resembles the traditional incandescent lamp most in terms of color and many people prefer it because it feels more familiar. Although the light experience with a Warm White LED lamp will also be slightly different than what you have been used to for years.

Technical Details About LED Colors

Kelvin scale “Kelvin scale” is used to measure the LED color spectrum. In the technical description of an LED lamp, you often see a value followed by a K, for example, 2700-3500K. The standard LED lamps to fall into the following color spectrum: 

Super Warm White: <2200K 

Warm White: 2700-3500K 

Pure White: 4000-4500K 

Cool White: 6000-7000K 

To place these values ​​in perspective, you will find below an overview of the Kelvin values ​​of traditional lighting: 

Candle: 1850K 

Incandescent lamp: 2700-3300K 

Moonlight: 4100K

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