LED lights fitting types for LED lamps and lights.

Most common fittings for LED lamps

LED lights fitting types for LED lamps and lights which one we need for our led lights. We are used to normal incandescent and halogen lamps that we have to replace them regularly. As a result, we know which lamps and fittings we need. You almost never have to replace LED lights. With an average burning time of 50,000 hours, an LED lamp can last up to 15 years.

Fortunately, LED lamps can be mounted in the same fixtures as a normal lamp. LED lamps are available with the known LED lights fitting. We have listed a number of most common fittings for you.

E27 fittingE27 Fitting

The most common fitting is the large fitting E27. This is a lamp with a thick screw fitting. Especially incandescent and energy-saving lamps use this fitting. The screw thread has a diameter of 27 centimeters. 

E14 LED lights fitting E14 Fitting

The E14 is an alternative to the E27. With low power, lamps we can use his fitting. The E14 (small fitting) usually comes with a maximum of 40 watts. The fitting also used for 230V lamps. 

GU10 spot LED lights fitting GU10 Fitting

Do you have spots in the living room or bedroom? Chances are that you have a GU10 fitting. The base of the fitting has a bayonet closure. Hereby you insert the lamp and turn the lamp a little to the right. The lamp then clicks into the fixture. With the GU10 the pins of the lamp are quite thick. In addition to the E27 fitting LED lights, the GU10 is a popular choice. In most homes there are spotlights and these replaced with LED. Note the presence of an LED dimmer, here you can read more about it.

MR11 fittingMR11 or GU4 Fitting

For certain fixtures, it is important that the fitting is small. This type of lamp uses a GU4 or MR11 fitting with a voltage of 12V. The fitting consists of two thin pins. The lamp changed by pushing it into the two holes. Of course, this LED is also made into an LED lamp. Pay attention here whether the transformer is suitable for LED lamps.

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