LED Lighting: LED Spotlights

In a society that is full of environmentally conscious living. It is difficult to ignore the demand for reducing the ecological footprint. In addition to solar panels, water recovery, and insulation. LED lighting is an important topic when it comes to environmentally conscious living. 

However, we do not often think about it when talking about energy saving, but a respectable part of the energy bill is caused by lighting. Everyone wants to see the amount on their energy bill fall. But how do you approach this? 

When it comes to savings, we immediately think of large-scale users who can be optimized. For large-scale consumers, we think of the extra freezer in the basement that is hardly used. But is constantly connected to the energy network. The refrigerator is more than 10 years old. Economical as the current efficient A +++ variants. However, we often overlook a large energy consumer lighting.

LED The Lighting of The Future

Maybe you have already fitted LED lighting fixtures indoors. But have you also thought of your outdoor lighting? LED floodlights are extremely useful for illuminating your outdoor environment. 

They immediately give you a feeling of safety and ensure that you have sufficient light, for example when you return home after sunset. What many do not realize, however, is that these LED floodlights often consume 500 or even 1000W! That is a large consumption if you know that you can obtain the same amount of light with a Led floodlight that certainly uses up to 50x less. 

LED floodlights: expensive to purchase? It is true that LED lighting usually has a higher price tag than, for example, halogen lighting. However, it should be borne in mind that due to low consumption, this cost will be earned back in no time through savings on your energy bill. Certainly when you’re LED floodlight is equipped with a motion detector. 

This motion detector is useful because it ensures that your lighting will come on as soon as motion is detected, but when several spotlights come on several times a night because a cat was detected, for example, this ‘dexterity’ is also a waste of electricity. 

LED Floodlights: A Long Service Life 

Where a halogen lamp fails after an average of 5,000 burning hours, the LED technology lasts significantly longer. You will therefore hardly have any maintenance and maintenance costs when you replace the halogen floodlights with LED spotlight. 

Conclusion: Whether you have a new-build home or an authentic cottage, every spotlight can be replaced by an ecological variant: an LED spotlight. When in doubt you can always seek advice from a recognized professional. Save on your electricity consumption today and invest in LED! 

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