LED Lighting for Offices

Why use LED lighting in offices?

The working conditions of employees have evolved enormously since the 90s. At different levels, and this also concerns the lighting of workplaces. Better LED lighting for offices is a guarantee of well-being and maximizing employee performance in the company. If the employees of a company feel good, it also affects the reputation of the company. And the LED lights contribute to this good feeling. Finally, we must not forget the planet. Installing the right luminaires with LED technology allows you to reduce energy consumption, reduce costs, and thus contribute to the improvement of the ecological footprint.

Which lights for offices?              

To promote good lighting in the offices, it is necessary to apply certain rules in this area. Ambient lighting, close to natural light. Thus, it promotes a good perception of its environment, minimizing the fatigue of eyes, heavily solicited in front of computer screens. The goal is to maintain a high level of visual comfort and work performance. For this, we must find the ideal combination of quantity of light and quality of light. There are a number of luminaires that can offer these two criteria in compliance with environmental standards.

LED panels

The LED panel is the perfect fixture for LED lighting for offices. It has characteristics to work in the best possible conditions. LED tiles will combine visual comfort, energy saving, and easy maintenance. Responding to the standards imposed in the European Union, EN 12464-1, it has a UGR relative to the glare rate of less than 19. Easy to install, it requires little maintenance. The LED panel has a particular protection index for dust IK04.


The Downlight LED combines aesthetics and luminous efficiency. You will be able to benefit from pleasant lighting for your workspaces, with luminaries with the atypical design. The Downlight is ultra-thin, easy to install and will bring the extra touch for the comfort of your employees. With a lifespan of 50000 hours and a good warranty, you will enjoy a product that will help reduce your operational costs.

LED spotlights

The LED spotlights are among the products that offer a perfect lighting solution for LED lighting for offices usage. With a UGR of less than 16, the glare rate relative to European standards is satisfied. You will be able to benefit from a maximum of visual comfort associated with a color rendering index higher than 90. With a lifespan of over 50000 hours, it also has protection against humidity and dust.

Ceiling light

Want to give a touch of modernity in your office? Why not opt for the ceiling light. Whether to buy a led ceiling light, a led strip or a built-in profile, do not hesitate to call in real professionals. This way, you will be sure to find the item you need most, but also the guarantee of excellent value for money. What’s more, you can choose from the size of the led slab that is closest to your needs.

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