LED lighting advantages and types

This decade marks a real revolution in the world of home lighting. Indeed, in a few years, compact fluorescent lamps have replaced traditional incandescent lamps and it is likely that LED lighting is also ready to prevail in all homes. Indeed, the many defects of compact fluorescent bulbs cause many consumers to push themselves to another type of lighting. The choice of LED lighting is essential for most of them. Why? What are the advantages of LED lighting? Where can we put it at home? Here we tell you everything you need to know about the lighting of the future.

What is led lighting?

The LED lamp, or LED for Electroluminescent Diode, is an electronic compound that turns an electrical excitation into the light. Its successful exploitation in the electronics, screens, automobiles, and road safety market has pushed manufacturers to extend its use to lighting. And the least we can say and that the results are very satisfactory. To make LED lighting, simply attach several diodes to each other to form a powerful and effective LED lamp. What are the advantages of the led lamp on other types of lighting?

The advantages of LED lighting

There are many benefits to changing the interior lighting of your home for led lighting. As LED is a technological product, its performance increases each year while its price decreases. Here are the most interesting benefits:

Energy efficiency: The energy efficiency of an LED lamp is of the order of 100 lumens per Watts against 70 for compact fluorescent lamps and 15 for incandescent bulbs. In addition, within a few years, the technological evolutions should make it possible to improve this efficiency efficiently since certain researches made it possible to develop LEDs of 300 lm / W.


The life of a led lamp is 4 to 10 times longer than that of compact fluorescent lamps and 100 times longer than that of incandescent lamps. Most of them have a lifespan of 50,000 to 70,000 hours. This life is interesting for the buyer from an economic point of view, but also ecological.

Aesthetics: The white light of the LED lights is very bright and pleasing to the eye. In addition, many types of led lights have diodes that can change color or light intensity through a regulator.

Optimization of space:

The small space occupied by LED lighting facilitates its installation. Thus a led luminaire can be easily embedded in a false ceiling.


The use of a led ceiling light, a led lamp or a led spot can be done safely because this type of lighting works at very low voltage. In addition, if the compact fluorescent bulbs can heat up to 80 ° C, the LEDs never exceed 32 ° C. They can, therefore, be touched without risk of burns.

Practical use:

One of the main advantages of LED lighting is to be insensitive to shocks and falls. Thus, it is possible to install and move at will, without risk. Unlike compact fluorescent light bulbs, which take a long time to heat up, the LEDs reach their maximum light intensity as soon as they are turned on.


LEDs do not contain hazardous waste, so they can largely be recycled normally. They do not contain mercury, which is not the case for compact fluorescents, resulting in a lower environmental impact when discarded.

Different types of led lighting?

There are particularly 5 types of LED lighting:

The LED bulb:

led bulb will be very useful in any room of the house. Most bulbs are installed directly on the 230 V, without having to make changes. They can be used to replace any bulb. In the living room lighting, in the bedside lamp or in the desk lamp, they will offer a much more pleasant light than compact fluorescent bulbs.

led bulb



The LED panel:

There are many LED ceiling lights all more creative, modern and original than each other. Installing a led kitchen ceiling light, a led room ceiling light or a led living room ceiling light is a good solution to reduce its energy consumption.

slim panel




The LED spotlight:

The LED spotlight is the right idea for outdoor lighting that consumes less energy or for garden lighting that can change color according to your desires.

led spot light





The LED strip:

This type of strip can effectively replace your bathroom lighting or fluorescent tubes present in your company. They are greener, more economical and last longer than conventional neon lights.

led strip





The LED ribbon:

Trendy decoration accessory, the LED strip allows to install a real cozy and warm atmosphere for a romantic evening in the room or a pleasant moment in the living room. Let your imagination go and place your LED strip on a piece of furniture, in your library, in the bathroom, on the lounge bar or in a cornice to highlight your home!

led ribbon light

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