LED lighting 4 useful tips to stop flashing and flicker

Have you completely switched to LED lighting? Then you probably experience that LED lighting suddenly starts to flashing LED light or flicker at annoying moments. Although many people soon think that this is an indication that the LED lamp is going to fail. Or that the LED lamp is of poor quality, in many cases, this is not the case. Fortunately, without too much technical knowledge. You can go through a number of steps to stop the LED lighting from flashing. In this article, we give you 5 handy tips to solve the blinking of LED lighting!

1. Do not attempt to dim non-dimmable LED lighting

It often happens that people buy non-dimmable LED lighting, but then try to dim it. The result is that the LED lamp does not get enough power to function fully. Which causes it to start flashing. Fortunately, this is easily solved by purchasing a dimmable LED lamp. Or replacing the dimmer with a suitable on / off switch.

Solution for Flashing LED light

So, please do not use dimmer with non-dimmable LED lights than your LED lights will work fine.

2. Use of an incandescent lamp dimmer or a halogen lamp dimmer

Especially if you have just switched from incandescent or halogen lamps to LED lighting. Chances are that the blinking LED lighting is caused by using the wrong dimmer. Most dimmers for incandescent lamps or halogen lamps require a minimum power (for example 25 Watt) to function. You can read more about this here.  LED lighting often has a much lower power to produce the same amount of light. These dimmers will often not work for LED lighting. The result is that the LED lamps start to flash. Fortunately, this problem is also easily solved by installing an LED dimmer.

Solution for Flashing LED light

So, please avoid using dimmer with non-dimmable LED lights than your LED lights will work fine.

3. The wrong type of LED dimmer

It is also possible that you have purchased the wrong type of LED dimmer. So that the LED lamps can also start blinking. There are two different types of LED dimmers, namely a phase cut-off dimmer and a phase cut-off dimmer. It is often difficult to find on the packaging. Which type of dimmer you need to purchase for the LED lamp. A ‘phase cut-off dimmer’ is often indicated with the English term ‘Leading edge of RL’. And a ‘phase cut-off dimmer’ with the term ‘Trailing edge of RC’. If you come to the conclusion that the LED lamp that you have purchased is not suitable for the dimmer. Then it is often a cheaper solution to buy a new dimmable LED lamp instead of a new dimmer. You can read more about this here.

Solution for Flashing LED light

Then please use the right dimmer with the right LED light.

4. A defective driver

A flashing LED lamp can also be caused by a defective driver/transformer. A broken driver is characterized by the fact that the LED light from one day to the next starts blinking. If the driver is in the lamp, then, unfortunately, you have to replace the entire lamp. The driver is next to the LED lamp, it is also sufficient to only replace the individual driver. If you have another same working lamp with the driver. Then swap the defective driver with the working one to test if it is up to the driver.

Solution for Flashing LED light

Use proper and non-defective drivers for the correct work of your LED lights.

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