Led Light energy instead of coffee? How light gives you energy

It is morning and still dark and you are still tired. When there was light in your bedroom, you could get out of bed much better and you were much more awake than now. You replace the bedside lamp with a universal white lamp and when you read in this light you notice that you can fall asleep much worse afterward. You are tired and you go to bed. You first brush your teeth at the fluorescent lighting in the bathroom and then you are suddenly wide awake. If you are familiar with one of these situations, it might be a good idea to adjust the LED light energy in your home so that you will no longer be bothered by this.

How does the influence of led light energy work?

Especially in the dark months of the year, we actually have very little light and that’s why using the right lighting is so important. The days are getting shorter and when we go to work in the morning it is dark and when we go home after work, it is dark again. All you see at the office is artificial light and when you drive home you see it again at the street lamps and even the light in the kitchen and next to your bed is artificial light. You hardly see healthy daylight anymore. And just as normal daylight can affect our hormonal household, so does artificial light with us, and that ultimately affects our sleep rhythm, which is completely upset.

How to use artificial led light energy to his advantage

Artificial light affects our biorhythm and that is not good. So we really need daylight to keep our pace. But if these things have negative consequences for us, can’t we do something about it to change that? The answer is yes. We can do this by using the correct light colors.

Optimal light for comfortable reading – without losing sleep

We need warm light to be able to read well and calmly. Bluish light has a negative effect on our rhythm and can prevent us from falling asleep, or at least fall asleep worse.

Two rules for the effect of Led light energy

Before we go through the two rules, it is important to explain the fundamental operation of the different light colors:

Bluish light: these are colors such as universally white and daylight white, which actually keep us awake and thus disturb our sleep rhythm.

Reddish light such as warm white brings us into a relaxed state.

Rule 1: Biologically, it comes down to bluish light suppressing the production of melatonin. Melatonin is also popularly called the sleep hormone. This light actually makes you more alert, which makes it easier to stay awake, which is of course not desirable.

Rule 2: The reddish light we mentioned above ensures that the hormonal balance remains intact. The natural production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, remains fully intact and because of this light we do not suffer from a disturbed rhythm and we get the rest our body needs.

Convert the negative to the positive

If we combine the two lines, we can conclude that the three examples that we have given may have originated from the wrong light color. Of course, we must not forget that there can also be all sorts of other factors that can confuse our sleep rhythm, but using the wrong light color can certainly play a part in this. Because what do the aforementioned situations look like if you use the right light color?

It is very dark early in the morning and there is no natural light yet. The production of melatonin is considerably slowed down by bluish artificial light. To wake up well and rested, you need a color temperature of at least 6,500 Kelvin.

Reading in bed with the wrong light ultimately ensures that you will get over your natural sleep. To eventually get tired by reading, the lamp must have a color temperature of up to 2,700 Kelvin, everything above that is not good and will keep you from your sleep.

It is therefore not advisable to use bluish light even when brushing your teeth, because here too the natural sleep rhythm will be considerably confused.

Led light Save energy

Curious how you can put energy saving into practice; how do you ensure that you can reduce the energy bill? You can take a number of different measures in addition to using LED lighting, from shorter showers and screwing down the heating to insulating your home and purchasing energy-efficient products. Would you take all the measures? Then you can reduce the energy bill with hundreds of euros per year. In this way, you can easily ensure that you can earn back the measures you have taken and that you will automatically save money in the long term. Of course, you can also go to the cheapest energy supplier looking to reduce costs in this way. Should you conclude a contract with the cheapest energy supplier in combination with the tips that you get below, then it should be possible to spend a lot less money on your energy costs.

Shorter shower

The moment you want to save energy, it is first of all wise to take a shorter shower. Have you ever measured how long you have actually been in the shower? Chances are that this is longer than 10 minutes, while 5 minutes is more than enough to wash yourself clean. It is also wise to buy a somewhat smaller shower head, with which you do not use too much water. Thanks to the shorter shower you ensure that you need less gas to heat the water, so you can easily save considerably on energy costs.

Heating one degree lower

You can also save energy by turning the heating down one degree and putting on a slightly thicker sweater during the cold months of the year. Do you have the heating at 21 degrees or higher as standard? It is sufficient in the Netherlands to provide heating for 20 degrees, it is a difference that you will hardly notice. Are you wearing a nice and warm sweater? Then the temperature can perhaps go down a little further. In addition, such a sweater is wonderfully soft, so that you can sink in nicely and saving energy provides you with a comfortable comfort.

Insulate the home

Do you want to take a more radical measure to save energy? In that case, it is wise to insulate your home, you have a number of different options for this. You can first focus on the cavity wall, which makes it easy to get a lot of profit if you didn’t do anything with it before. Is it already well insulated? Make sure that you use double glazing and then focus on the floor or roof. In this way, you ensure better insulation of your home, so that the heat that you burn does not just disappear and less new supply is required.

Purchase economical devices

Finally, you can invest in more energy-efficient devices. You can think of LED lamps, an efficient washing machine and, for example, an efficient refrigerator. In this way, you ensure that the devices require less power or heat, while you can still wash the laundry nicely and you ensure that your products are nice and cool. You have various options for saving energy in this regard, without this having a major influence on your comfort or your way of living. Thanks to the saving on the energy bill, you can easily save money.

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