Why Are LED Ceiling Lights Becoming Popular

LED or Light Emitting Diode is a new technology that is becoming more and more popular nowadays due to its elegant and sleek appearance, cheap running costs, and its splendid lifespan. LED ceiling lights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Due to their electroencephalogram effect, it is a high-intensity light source. Nowadays, it is a clever way of illumination and an up to date lighting method. It has a great number of benefits enlisted below:

Energy Efficient

LEDs are exceptionally energy efficient. It converts about 10% of the electrical energy into light. It also exhibits minimal heat dissipation. It has an efficiency of about 90% in comparison to the traditional lighting. It saves energy and further reduces the home lighting energy bills.

Extended Life

LED ceiling lights have an extra long lifespan of about 60,000 hours. Its lifespan is 10 times longer in comparison to other typical incandescent bulbs. They don’t really stop working like other bulbs, in fact, they gradually emit lower output levels for a longer period and become less bright.


This is the most important benefit of LED ceiling lights. The incandescent bulbs emit 90% of the energy they consumes as heat and makes the bulb hot to touch. In comparison to the incandescent bulbs, LED ceiling lights generate a minimum amount of heat preventing the bulb from being hot, therefore, they can easily be touched. It reduces the risks of burns and fires.


LED ceiling lights are made up of semiconductor material and other sturdy components that make it highly durable. It does not consist of filaments or glass that enable them to resist extreme temperature, vibrations, and shock. Therefore, they can also be used for outdoor lighting as well as in conditions of rainy and windy weather.

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