How to illuminate a room without windows and make it livable?

in this article, we will guide you on how to illuminate a room without windows. In your house there are rooms without windows that you intend to exploit to obtain other rooms, but does the problem of light cause you some perplexity? Although the rooms without windows may appear to be unusual, in reality, they are quite common and it often happens that you want to transform a closet into a kitchenette or a basement in a nice room where you can relax.

However, in order for each space to be welcoming and harmonious, it is necessary to create solutions that solve the problem of the absence of windows, and therefore of natural light that is generally the one that enhances the beauty of a room and makes it moreover much more functional. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to light up a room without windows.

How to illuminate a room without windows?

To illuminate rooms without windows, innovative solutions designed specifically for the various rooms must be used: you can use different solutions including the solar tunnel, artificial lighting, light colors, glass doors, and glass block. These are just some of the possible solutions that you can implement to create perfectly livable environments that appear brighter even without natural light.

In these cases, the intervention of architects and interior design specialists is essential to find targeted solutions and combine your needs with aesthetic taste. The lighting design was chosen to illuminate a room correctly, which alternates the various lighting bodies in order to obtain an optimal distribution of lighting, is also fundamental. Making use of the experience and professionalism of an interior decorator is often the best idea to find the right solution on how to light a room without a window.

Artificial lighting is one of the most used solutions to illuminate a dark room, such as a bathroom for example. On the market, there are products such as LED strips or recessed spotlights. And that allow to obtain a light very close to the natural one and to have a well-lit environment. Whether it’s the walk-in closet or the closet, but also the kitchen or bathroom. Artificial lighting is one of the best ways to light up dark rooms.

How to illuminate a dark room?

Do you know that it is possible to light blind rooms with colors? A room with appropriate colors seems not only wider but also brighter. In particular, the privileged ones are the light colors. Which represent the simplest solution to illuminate rooms without windows.

Even if it is a bedroom or a simple closet, light colors allow you to rest your eyes. And even in the evening, if you want to read, they do not disturb your eyes. Tinting all the walls in white therefore offers a wider and brighter view of the space. And with the addition of ceiling lights and wall lamps, the effect is amplified. Even the coverings have their role and if you opt for furniture with light textures your help to light a room well.

How to illuminate a windowless room with the design?

Design is another valid solution to illuminate a room without windows. Animating the space with lively and dynamic elements helps to enliven the environment and make it brighter. For example, in the case of a corridor or a storage room. And white visible shelves can be installed, without side covers, in order to make the space free and accessible. The contrast between the clear shelves and the objects positioned above makes the room decorative and bright.

How to illuminate dark rooms with mirrors and reflective objects?

Even accessories like mirrors and reflective objects are strategic to illuminate a room. And without windows and transform it’s in a more than the pleasant environment. The large reflective capacity that characterizes the mirrors allows an environment that has no natural light to appear wider. But even objects with very bright surfaces add a decorative effect to the room and at the same time illuminate it with style.

How to light a dark room with glass block?

Not only effects but also masonry works can be important to illuminate a room without windows. This is the case of glass block, to be installed instead of the wall and which allows light to enter the room in a rather suggestive way. In these cases the effect varies depending on the color of the chosen glass. Which can be transparent or colored, to always match the style you wish to inspire.

How to design correct lighting without windows

The windows are certainly important to ensure natural light in the rooms. But as you could see there are modern solutions that can light up a room. Without windows with taste and style, as well as with extreme functionality.

Fundamental in order to take care of every detail and get a better result is the design of how to illuminate a dark environment. Which requires precision and taste, but also inventiveness. The choice of solutions to apply varies depending on the room you need to light. For example, if it is a bedroom rather than a kitchen you can opt for a beautiful chandelier. While in the bathroom we recommend a ceiling light or spotlights.

In each you can also mix multiple elements or more solutions to illuminate: you can choose to combine light walls with objects and reflective mirrors, to further expand the lighting effect. This solution is perfect for a living area without windows because it offers a greater depth of space. And enhancement of the furnishings that influence the final result.

Or you can combine light furnishings and glass block walls to separate the kitchen from the sleeping area. And in the case of small rooms and you need to create a small apartment in a single space. In any case, the choice of artificial lighting is important everywhere, which is particularly useful for any space.

The pleasant effect of artificial light, if positioned correctly and also with a certain aesthetic taste. Enhances the environments and creates those special effects that are reflected in every corner making even the smallest spaces wider. The function of the interior decorator in these situations is more than useful, indeed indispensable.

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