How much can you save with LED lighting?

The LED lighting can ensure a high Save with LED Lighting. By replacing high-consumption lamps with LED lamps, you can quickly save tens of euros on an annual basis. Lighting consumes an average of 6W per lamp; a big difference with the standard lamps.

Research shows that households use an average of 3500 kWh per year. A standard light bulb consumes around 60W. With 10 to 15 lamps in a household (which burn on average 3 hours a day), this amounts to no less than 15 to 20 percent of the total consumption.

How much is saving?

Standard lamps use 10 times the number of watts compared to LED lighting. The saving is therefore considerable. But LED lighting comes with a higher investment than the standard lamps. The cost to replace the current lighting with LED lighting is around 200 euros.

With an average price of 23 cents per kWh, standard lamps use 161 euros per year (700 kWh times 0.23). But LED lighting only uses 16.10 a year (70 kWh times 0.23). The saving is, therefore, no less than 145 euros per year.

With a cost of 200 euros, LED lighting will pay off within a year and a half. But that is not all, because of you and also save on the purchase price. 

LED lighting has a high durability

Your LED lighting lasts considerably longer than the standard forms of lighting. The LED lighting from Led has a lifespan of 20,000 to 40,000 hours. This is 2 to 4 times longer than an energy-saving lamp and no less than 20 to 40 times longer than an incandescent lamp.

You, therefore, need to replace your lighting less often. This counts towards the savings because you can save considerably on the costs of your lighting. Regarding consumption, the prices are 2 to 40 times lower due to this extended lifespan than for saving and incandescent lamps.

With an average consumption of 3 hours a day, LED lighting lasts more than 10 years. It is, therefore, a lot more interesting to opt for LED lighting.

The same brightness with LED lighting

With LED lighting you get the same lighting that you are used to with your current lighting. Lumen is used for lighting; the amount of light that a lamp emits. A 60-watt incandescent lamp has a body current of 720 to 900 lumens and has an efficiency of 8%. Only 8 percent of the light is distributed.

An LED lamp has a luminous flux of 240 to 360 lumen but has an efficiency of no less than 25%. The brightness of both types of lighting is, therefore, the same, but the costs differ considerably.

The cheapest option for indoor LED floodlights

Description: Is it better to go for the cheapest option or is cheap expensive? You can read it in this article.

Are you looking for cheap LED floodlights for indoor use? As you may already know, most LED floodlights are made for outdoors. This type of lighting is ideal when you want to illuminate a home, store, sports hall or business hall. Are you renovating? Then an LED lamp can also be used as a construction lamp. The bright light illuminates a large part of the room and at the same time, you benefit from all the advantages of LED lighting.

Cheap LED spotlights

LED lighting has increased considerably in popularity and as a result, there are more and more price fighters on the market. unfortunately, the quality is often less because of this, but that is exactly where Lighting should take its lead. Extremely contradictory!

Difference between Crest LED and standard quality

We only sell lighting from Crest Led We see that this lighting is of better quality than the standard quality of competitors. The following reasons play an important role.

Best wiring is used at Led

Copper wiring is often used because it is cheaper than gold. Led uses wires that can tolerate a larger energy flow. LED lighting, therefore, lasts longer and breaks down less quickly. Due to the best wiring, you can save so much electricity and Save with LED Lighting.

A larger LED chip is used at Led

Led uses a larger LED chip than you normally see. The light output is, therefore, a lot better and also heat is dissipated better. The service life is increased by a larger LED chip.

LED floodlights from Led are water-resistant

Led products are highly resistant to water or condensation. This is also nice and safe when you place the spotlight in a damp environment. Our LED floodlights have been tested for water resistance and are IP65 classified.

Choose from different LED floodlights

At Led, you can choose from different LED floodlights. These are all also suitable for indoors. And less power taking and Save with LED Lighting so much.

LED daylight white spotlight

The latest generation of Led is produced in white. The spotlights are perfect for dissipating heat and that improves the lifespan. Floodlights can be used for, among other things, the garden, on a parking lot as a construction lamp and for many other applications. LED floodlights to Save with LED Lighting and up to 80% energy compared to halogen.

LED floodlight warm white

If you are looking for a LED spotlight in a warmer white shade, Led has a wide range in it. And warm white is suitable for, for example, porches or other locations where warmer light is desirable.

LED floodlight PIR sensor

A PIR sensor is very effective for saving energy. And with a motion sensor, your LED spotlight only comes on when motion is detected. And this allows you to save even more energy with the (already very efficient) LED lighting.

LED floodlight RGB

RGB LED spotlights can emit light in a variety of colors. And all RGB floodlights are also supplied with a remote control to control the system remotely. And its also less power taking and you can save energy and money also.

LED floodlight portable

Are you using an LED floodlight as a construction lamp or do you want to be mobile for another reason? Then opt for a portable LED spotlight. The variant of Led is very easy to use and extremely economical. You can charge the lamp within a few hours and use it for 2 to 4 hours. Click on the link above for more information.

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