How many lumens should an LED lamp be?

How many lumens when you want to buy an LED lamp, you can choose from many different types of lamps, each with different capacities. When buying an LED lamp, however, it is more convenient to look at the light size, which is expressed on the label in the lumen. But how many lumens should an LED lamp actually be? In this article, we provide an answer to this question!    

Difference between power (Watt) and light size (lumen)    

You are probably used to looking at the power of the light, expressed in watts when buying an LED light. When buying an incandescent lamp, a halogen lamp or an energy-saving lamp it is true that the power (in Watts) is a good indicator of how much light the lamp emits. With an LED lamp, however, this is not entirely true. With an LED lamp it is important to look at a universal standard for light size, expressed in lumen.


The power (Watt) of, for example, an incandescent lamp can easily be converted to light size (lumen). For example, an incandescent lamp with a capacity of 25 watts is equivalent to a light circumference of approximately 200 lumens, which is equal to an LED light with a capacity of approximately 2.5 watts. As you can see, when buying an LED lamp you have to take into account that the light size of an LED lamp is on average 10 times stronger than that of an incandescent lamp.   

Conversion table between the power of an incandescent lamp and an LED lamp have how many lumens

Since converting the power of an incandescent lamp to the power of an LED lamp can be very confusing, we have made a simple conversion table below. As you can see, the power of an incandescent lamp, halogen lamp or energy-saving lamp is first converted into light size (expressed in lumen), after which it is calculated back to the power of an LED lamp. 

Incandescent === Lumen ======== LED lamp
25 watts              200 lumen              About 2.5 watts
35 watts              300 lumen              About 3 watts
50 watts              400 lumen              About 5 watts
75 watts              700 lumens              About 7 watts
100 watts            900 lumen              About 10 watts

The influence of color temperature on the light size how many lumens

In addition to the difference in power, it is also important to pay attention to the color temperature, expressed in Kelvin. A low color temperature (lower than 4000 Kelvin) ensures that the light size is often perceived as not as high as indicated on the label. This is partly due to the S / P ratio.
When you choose LED lights with low color temperature, it is wise to buy an LED lamp with a little more power.

That means that when you actually have to buy a 2.5 Watt LED lamp according to the above conversion table, you can, for example, opt for an LED lamp with 3 Watt. In contrast, it naturally also works in such a way that an LED lamp with a high color temperature (greater than 5000 Kelvin) is often perceived as fairly bright by itself. It may, therefore, be wise, depending on the wishes, to choose an LED lamp with a little less power than indicated in the above conversion table.

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