Hotel Lighting Solution

Whether you are on a family holiday or a night on a business trip, you may need to book a hotel. A hotel is a place of relaxation and rest, so the solution to hotel lighting and other decorations are very important, you must receive your customers in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. In addition, for a hospitality professional, it is important to satisfy his customers in order to retain them and give them the desire to book again.

What style to choose to decorate a hotel room?

It is a question of defining a style. But how to find a style that pleases the greatest number without pouring into a sanitized and uniform decoration?

An original and personalized decoration is a key element to seduce customers. Clients value institutions with their own identity. We must avoid the effects of fashion, which by definition, go out of fashion.

The recipe that works: The association of heritage and modernity, It is, therefore, a question of anchoring one’s establishment in the local heritage, to integrate it into the history of the city.

Classic or romantic, contemporary or traditional, regional, authentic, thematic or standard, all styles are in hotels! It’s up to you to define the style that best fits your brand.

How to improve hotel Lighting solution?

The design of the room must be adapted to the customers frequenting your establishment. You can offer different, themed universes to your clients. You can also make your hotel an original hotel or opt for a rather sober style that will appeal to a wide range of guests. A designer room, especially in a luxury hotel, helps to increase guest satisfaction.

Bright atmosphere

Hotel lighting Solution is essential to the comfort of your customers and also influences the atmosphere of your room. Propose different sources of lights. Indeed, some lighting will appeal to some customers and less to other customers. You can also install extra lights for a more intimate atmosphere. Spread them in all areas of the room to give a sense of greater space.


The floor is an important element of decoration and determines the atmosphere of a room. A carpet will provide, for example, a cozier atmosphere to your room. If you opt for tiles, they must be slip-resistant, resistant and easy to clean.

The furniture:

The furniture must be practical and easy to access. Amenities are very important in a hotel. Guests will appreciate being able to store their belongings easily.

  • Offices and reading corners: Offices are very popular especially for business travelers.
  • Storage, dressings, and wardrobes: The built-in storage units are an ideal solution to save space.
  • Bedside tables: They are very convenient for guests and allow them to put their personal belongings that must be quickly accessible like their phone.
  • Mirrors: Remember to install your mirrors in a place with sufficient brightness, note that they should be arranged so as not to give a bad impression to your customers.

The bed

The bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a hotel room. The beds must be of good quality and be adapted to people of all morphologies. You can opt for King Size beds that will provide your guests with maximum comfort and gives character to the room.

The decoration of the room, even if it is original, must be thought to satisfy a wide audience. For the decorative side carefully select the furniture, the furniture should be elegant and sober. The colors chosen must be consistent with the world of the room. Hotel lighting Solution should blend harmoniously with decorative elements on walls such as paintings.


  • In hotel lighting solution Consider installing a badge switch, for optimal use of energy in the hotel room.
  • Consider installing a double socket in the Simon 54 collection to maximize space.
  • Think about installing a USB charger with two ports to charge one or two devices at the same time, Valid for Smartphone, Tablet, digital cameras…
  • Consider installing the USB + HDMI charger that will allow you to connect your laptop to the HDMI connector to view the picture on the TV or listen to your favorite songs on the TV speakers.
  • Install an LED dimmer to dim the light and create a cozy atmosphere.

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