A Lighting Choice That Saves You Money

Pakistanis are cost-sensitive people. In all that we do, great scrutiny is placed in the cost of all our decisions. And when electricity bills are under discussion, the evaluation of cost effectiveness of lighting products reaches a whole new peak. Along with costs, Crest Pakistan invests to add another concern in the minds of Pakistanis when they are comparing lighting choices; the environmental impact of their lights.

Cutting to the chase, Crest Pakistan brings you a lighting option way better than the ordinary bulbs and energy savers being commonly used in Pakistan right now. We bring you LED lights in Pakistan; for homes, offices, showrooms, market places, retail shops, streets, hotels, and every other artificially lighted place imaginable!

LED is a lighting choice superior to others in respect of both, bills and eco-friendliness. LEDs lights outdo the lifespan of CFL and Incandescent bulbs by 42,000-49,000 hours! They consume only 6-8 Watts of power to give off 800 Lumens of light, whereas ordinary bulbs and energy savers require as high as 60 Watts and 14 Watts to emit the same amount of light, respectively. With the facts laid out, you can easily do the math and go for a lighting choice which saves you money.

Crest Pakistan is the first among light manufacturing companies to break the status quo and educate Pakistanis of the consequences to their choices. We hope to continue to equip you with knowledge and solutions for a sustainable, educated Pakistan.

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