5 Things to Consider before Purchasing LED Lights

Purchasing LED Lights. Tired of uncertain fluctuation of your incandescent light bulbs while you’re preparing for the exams next day or even if you’re doing nothing at all? And not to mention it’s ever increasing prices. Because technology has once again conjure up something that will make us free of all the fluctuating light bulbs.

Yes, I’m talking about industrial LED lighting. LED Lights Manufacturer in Pakistan and those all around the world have manufactured this energy efficient lighting system to benefit the industrial sector. You need to switch to LED lighting as soon as possible not just because it’s 90% more efficient than your normal incandescent light bulbs but because you could be gone for a year with the LEDs in your home on and it won’t still fuse (in short it has a long life span). But choosing LED lights in Pakistan or anywhere in the world is not as simple as choosing as bulb because of its wide range of varieties. It gets very puzzling for a man to pick out the best of them. So before you head off to sort out the LED, this is what you need to know about the LEDs for Purchasing LED Lights.

1. Forget Watts, it’s LUMEN

Watt is not what you’ll be searching by anymore. It won’t be the measure of brightness anymore which brings us to what will be, so this is where we introduce what a lumen is. Lumen is what we will be using to indicate how bright our LED will be, not Watt. For example, an LED bulb with comparable brightness to a 60W incandescent is only 8 to 12 watts.

2. Who doesn’t like variety?

The warm bright yellow light is what we are conditioned to in or homes but who wouldn’t want to change if they had options. And hence the invention of LEDs, making it all too easy for the people. LEDs come in a wide range of spectrum. Technically, the light color is measured in Kelvin and the lower the number, the warmer the color (yellow)

You can have a warmer light yellow color n=being used in places like bedrooms and lounge just to have a nice warm environment, a little sharper white in bathrooms and artificially a little more whiter in outside places like laundry, garage, and porch.

3. Grading the LEDs

Due to the increasing demand of power and electricity in our country, we just can not afford to use even a little bit of extra power because we might be using someone else’s need. So to balance out the the needs, LEDs are almost perfect in every way because of their low consumption of power.

But not all LEDs live up to the promises and they die way before their guaranteed time. It depends on the type of chip used in it. High quality chips are long lasting and sufficient for years.

4. Cost

Cost of the particular LED to be bought is the one of the most important aspects. We have to calculate whole of the expense and compare it with that of the incandescent bulb in order to know that we are not overpaying.
It’s important that we not only consider the initial price of LEDs but also the whole expense because incandescent bulbs might be cheaper than LEDs for a starter but the maintenance, efficiency, repair, replacement costs cause all the difference.

5. Dimmable LEDs

Most of the dimmers that we see are for the incandescent bulbs. They basically cut off the electricity drawn from the bulb and portray very dim light, hence a warm environment. Dimmers don’t work on LEDs so we buy dimmable LEDS if we want this feature.

So even though it might look a very easy job to buy a LED, we have to keep these things in our mind.

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