5 Biggest trends in lighting and LED lights

The year 2019 is an interesting year in the field of LED lighting trends, such as LED lamps, energy-saving lamps and other types of lighting. But what are the biggest trends in the field of LED lighting in 2019? In terms of trends 2019, what should you absolutely not miss if you want to provide your home with LED lamps? With the top 5 trends in the field of lamps and LED lighting below, you can give your home or garden a modern, stylish or romantic or warm character. Good luck and take advantage of our useful ideas!

Have LED lamps installed

One of the biggest lighting trends in 2019 is built-in LED lighting. LED lights are installed in the ceiling or in a tabletop, for example with the help of LED profiles. This is fine because an LED lamp lasts very long and therefore hardly ever needs to be replaced. Of course, it is difficult when an LED lamp fails or when nicer LED lamps come on the market. So a built-in lamp is possible but is not entirely without risk. A solution is to always keep the built-in lamp accessible via a non-conspicuous flap so that lamps can always be replaced should that be unexpected.

Gold colored lights totally hot

One of the trends lighting that is completely ‘hot’ in 2019 – not literally, because LED lamps, fortunately, do not get really hot – is gold-colored lighting. Especially in living rooms and bedrooms, gold-colored lamps created a wonderfully warm and chic atmosphere. By combining the gold-colored lighting with marble and concrete you create a beautiful contemporary interior. If you want an even more luxurious look, you can have the gold color appear in various places in the interior. For example, by placing real gold objects – if you have these of course or you can afford it – or placing counterfeit gold vases, objects or utensils in different places. Golden paint also works wonders!

Glass led lighting for an elegant atmosphere

The 2019 trends in lighting certainly also include glass lamps, for example, LED-lit wall lamps. Designers like to experiment with lighting with glass ornaments and designs. So there is an enormous amount of choice in this area. Lamps with glass shades or decorations have a beautiful elegant look and give an interior a huge stylistic effect. The beauty of lamps in the style of glass is that they suit every living style. For example, classic lamps with glass are available for use in some parents’ houses, farms or rural home. But also sleekly designed modern examples that do well in a new-build home are possible. Something for everyone so when it comes to glass lamps!

A multicultural, worldly led lighting style

People who love culture and who travel a lot, naturally express their interest in the design of the living room and in the lighting. Collect beautiful local objects such as masks, musical instruments, plates and powerful LED lamps on every international journey you make. By displaying these objects in display cabinets with matching LED lighting, or hanging on the wall with cool dimmable LED panels behind them, creates a hugely authentic atmosphere that has a global character. This not only gives your interior a more than unique character. But you also show who you are and make your living room, bedroom or hall nice and personal and individual. Betting that friends, family, and acquaintances who come to visit will be surprised by all the splendor in your house?

Internet of Things

Who has not heard of it, from the Internet of Things? Numerous household appliances, such as TVs, awnings, and lighting, are connected to the internet. The LED lighting can be controlled remotely via apps or remote control the most beautiful effects that you can come up with are created. Internet of Things is certainly a trend that will be popular in 2019 and that the future will change!

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